Saturday, February 6

EvoLovE Ma-Riju-Ana Scene 2 in G-issshtyle

What happens to a person who is illiterate but madly in love with someone else?Who comes to his rescue?One who is empty of words to express his desire has to lose to some Angreji babu ??No.... Cause DOG Ahhhh... i am sorry GOD comes running for assistance.Love is not bound by any linguistic barrier.Cause then Riju would have never been the husband of Ana .Here s a memorable story of the Desi Cannabie who married an english teacher Cannabie , a friend who betrayed another, and of DOG ...ahhh there again Sorry blokes ....GOD obviously .... in G-style. Note that it takes place before the advent of inspector Manish Dubey.
For Riju it was love at first sight,he confessed this to his best friend I-Gunda on the first day itself.The Green paar HOLDE saari and the Anglicized Hindi of Ana seemed to cut through his heart.He wanted to learn english .He wanted to make Ana his bride.But alas he was only a good for nothing cannabie.He asked I-gunda who knew a little bit of english ,but flaunted of it in the whole G-para ,to write a letter for him on the eve of V-day, to express his emotion to Ana.But as his name suggests I - gunda was evil. He was always jealous of riju`s personality ,his charm and green muscular dilineation. So I- gunda thought` What a chance to insult riju and forfeit his amoural desires forever ?? ` He wrote a letter in G-style.This is what he had written-

" Dearest Ana,

As......... I am yours forever and ever......

This is something i will never say.

I will never hold your hand when you are alone.

Whenever i sleep ....

I take your name,inhale your fragrance,lose myself to that dark hair of yours

Dont you think so??

Cause If you do, you are so wrong.

Do You think i will leave you in the crossroads of life?

Do You think i will let you cry ,let you ever feel the pain of separation?

You are so right about it.

If you think i lose myself completely in those greenish eyes of yours.....

You must have lost your mind.

You are asking me " Is there someone else in my life??"

Its great you figured it out.

Thank God !! I am, sort of relieved.

I also had an inkling that you wanted to be my Valentine ??

I came to know that you think i want to go on a date with you?

This is the biggest joke i have ever laughed at.

What made you think so ?

You think i am dating a girl more attractive than you ?

Actually I am.

Am i thinking what will you feel about me after reading this?


And for the rest of the world

I have never cared about it.

I dont care whether You will ever love me....

This is the first time i am saying this to you isnt it ??

I hope you enjoy this precise moment throughout your life.

I will forget you , i ll forget your face, your heart that you gave me.

cause i was lying that day when i said

I love you and will love you till my last breath ....... "

I-gunda was full of pride at his creativity of writing such out-of the box Hatred letter in G-style.He gave it to ana saying that Riju had written it for her. He was jubiliant to see Ana`s face contort with hatred as she read through the letter. but.....picture abhi baaki hain mere dost.

The world is a strange place, love is presumably more complex and stranger than it. Love turns the world upside-down... makes a guy write something what he never meant. Then DOG ,sorry GOD comes running for help.And whispers into that beautiful G- girl`s ears ,
"My dear kid, In love ...all you have to do is... to retrace your path along these words in order to get his real perception towards you" The girl seemed confused.
" What are you trying to say ,God ji ?"
"Idiot ! read the letter backwards,Love is blind ,it can take any path which moves forward or lead back. Depends on you to choose which one you want to tread ....Pyaar andha hota hain Ana beti...."
The rest what they say was written in the stars...
And obviously in.... G-style.
But did riju- ana live together forever ????
to be continued.....
PS: maybe this is one of the most creative blogs that i have written,if not the best grammatically...who cares bout the grammar when its written in G-style??


Avarus said...

I-Gunda? Being one of the few privy to the 'Chorano', I can quite guess who you are aiming at(though I sincerely hope the allusion stops at the name....and does not extend to I-Gunda's antics in the post).

However........about the originality part......hmmmm...........I'm sorry to say that you have quite forgotten that you showed us a similar piece somewhere in the net - the words were different and the idea conveyed was different - but it had that idea of 'Bottom-Up' approach.
It was nice though - the way you implemented it and put it across.But I strongly disagree to what you said this morning (about this being your best post). For me it still remains the part-I of this post.

Soham Talukdar said...

Very few people who have seen that earlier piece, saurav have dared to make a piece that was comparable to it.Anyways i personally feel this was the most creative one and hope to still stick to it. And yes i havent proclaimed of being the first person on this earth to initiate a bottom up approach. But lets say how many similar article have you seen in the net saurav ? Send me one if you have another.

Avarus said...

"Dare"??????!!!!!! That's not a word you often associate with plagiarism.

The 1st part's story was original, and so was this. However, the similarity stops there. You may have taken pains to compose the words, but that doesn't shroud the fact that the idea was not entirely concocted. Not that anyone can take anything away from you because of that(and no one is attempting that); the point is that that makes the 1st post more creative(for me).