Tuesday, October 13

Looking through her eyes

I am learning all about my life… by looking through her eyes.

Music crunches you from within, A sense of paranoia which sets those hidden plethora of self inflicted wounds, those piled down blanket of tears , of flushing cheeks ,of those wine red yet undone lips. Vodka + Through her eyes is a deadly combination, ( I haven’t tried it out , maybe somebody should) Pain brings out the best of an artist, so is with this weird cacophony that’s bound to bring tears in your eyes.

She wasn’t given any choice,desperation stole her voice….

I don’t have a clear idea whether the artist had to incur any loss as mentioned in the song, maybe his child had met the same fate ,maybe not , Im gonna Google it out in a few minutes but …haven’t heard much of Dream Theater but this one s really gone deep down ….


Stupid Common Man said...

We tried the exact combination you said..."Vodka + Through her eyes"..
I couldn't disagree with you.

Just reminds of the day when you tried it the first time..


hear, hear.....