Sunday, July 5

A Silent Protest...

“ Maybe I know that the path im treading is wrong, maybe it leads to nowhere but at least I have got the courage to walk a long way along it…..”
That’s what animesh told madhabilata when she demanded him to move out of the naxalite movement in samaresh mazumdar’s “Kalbela”.
And that’s exactly what I thought when I opted for “THE NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY ,DURGAPUR” on my counseling day.
Today I know I was right then.
Im not animesh, was never as daring as him and to some extent idolize him .
And this piece of scribbling is not a ballad on my college.
One of my friends who s really thrilled me with some fascinating blog articles seems to have a sea of discontent flowing over our college , so does her beautiful piece of poetry suggest .I know the list of Placements and dreamjobs ist of Placementap wont interest her much . She s got some real doubt over the credentials of our students. Well I should let her know that ive found a few madhabilata s and animesh s in our college.
OKAY enough of shit lets get to the facts.
Lets listen to a story,or maybe a narration to be precise.

“There it is I thought amidst the waves, isn’t it?? The small paperboat fighting its way down the river?” A rough push broke my hallucination . “its getting late son ,we ll have to go back before sundown” father said. I stopped my ipod “behte saagar mein tanha kahin… geeton ko tumhare khojti..”.so that was the reason I was seeing the paperboat(filled with my dreams) I broke into a smile and suddenly that sunny afternoon filled my thoughts. “ Soham, have you seen The Bong Connection?”ayan smiled. There was no electricity and we as usual had bunked classes and were having the usual ”adda” on a rooftop.”its really a good movie ,you better watch it”. Had I not listened to Ayan that day maybe I would not have got the anjan dutta recipe which now plays one of the most important part of my life.
st important parrget those never ending discussion about satyajit ray ,rabindranath tagore about “OUR NATIONAL POET ‘SONNET’ ” and obviously about konkona0� and obvious Well to be true ,I have got a lot of friends studying in college s far better than mine in IIT s,ISM s and all the ones with IT ending its name but…..barring one
The only interesting topic that seems to come up when we meet is “ Kire kota girlfriend holo , koto jon ke potali and bla bla….”
The only place where we end up every alternate day is below the 89 cinemas .
Don’t know, unwillingly feel a part of lust-starving men who have been deprived of their testosterone in their collge. I wont leave them ,never do that ,for they have been with me through the rough, but I must admit I have found a few good men in my college who actually think exactly as I do . People who are not robots programmed to success .
People who have failed big time as I have. People who dare to sing “Dariye aacho tumi aamar.. “ at 2am the day before the semester exams ,and yes people who are unhesitant to help.

The poetess seems to have a lot of grudge over the fags and vodka.
But (though I haven’t had much) a nip or 2 has a comfortably numb effect on you I must say. Still remember the day I wasn’t “OUT” .
“Yesterday love was such an easy game to play…”
The beatles song multiplies its gripping effect when you are intoxicated. Obviously another one is” Somebody s me”.
I have found in rishi, ayan ,sumantra ,basu, sam, people who have lived life the way they wanted. We have been rebels against the wrong just like animesh and without deciding whether it was right or wrong walked along the path.i have seen my friends fantasizing someone and loving her even when she moved on with somebody.i have found my friend in the middle of a love story playing a character till the end , with the real world faded from his eyes.

Maybe the facts that she included were partly true.
But who cares.


Soham Talukdar said...

sorry for the spelling mistakes.. typed it in 10 mins

Twisha Mukherjee said...

I genuinely hope that "she, the poetess" doesn't refer to Twisha Mukherjee.


moving post.... :)
still...wish u had it edited....
I read the poem..but I really did not think the depiction of the life was something whcih really indicated "a sea of discontent"....
and I liked the "rebels" part...
We've chosen our path...lets march along...
if it was the right path or the wrong one...that's something we'll worry about later...

kkn said...

If you think of the path you have trodden as one which reeks of failure, I'm afraid you might never quite appreciate the value of the place that you have gotten to. The address where you found your fellow comrades at would one day, if I've sensed your spirit truly, be a wondrous part, if not the whole, of your existense, when you will realise that the place has given you not only your most precious friends, but also a part of itself.
"seems to have a sea of discontent flowing over our college , so does her beautiful piece of poetry suggest .......
The poetess seems to have a lot of grudge over the fags and vodka."

Forgive me if I am wrong, but from what I could gauge, your poetess did not seem to dislike the ambience as much as she seemed to embrace it. Her rapture seemed less of fury/hurt and more of joyousness.

Ayan said...
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Ayan said...

It took an unusually long time for me to decipher the true meaning and implication of this post. Once you get to understand the crux of the matter it is so easy to connect “Kalbela”, ”The Bong Connection” and also the present situation we are in. And don’t worry buddy, how does it matter as to how troublesome the path is going to be for us; we are together in it.
Oh Yes! It was very stupid pf me to write a comment without really understanding what you meant and the circumstances that coaxed you into writing this.
It is always so difficult to map the rugged contours of passion onto paper; you deserve quite an applause for your attempt.

Soham Talukdar said...

@kkn : maybe i was wrong in my judgement when it comes to deciphering whether the poetess had an aggravating tone in her poem and i fully appreciate your suggestion.
As for your view on the college giving a part of itself i dont have any form of doubt about it and am looking forward for it.

@Twisha: Does it matter? It could have been anyone! anyways i too hope it isnt you!

@rishi: ya to some extent you are right."sea of discontent" was a wrong input. actually i just wanted the poetess to understand that those were not the only constraints our college is restricted to.

@ayan: dude there was no need to delete your previous comment cause its true maybe ill have to kalbela with a bit more attention. Actually i wanted to bring animesh in the context of my writing ,set him as an example . I appreciate your criticism and hope to improve my writing skills.

stupid common man said...

Well Soham I believe you have reacted in a wrong way,stating some right things..
But tell me if you like your college or rather the hostel so much, then why do you stay at your home most of the time??

Soham Talukdar said...

@ Sumantra : Hostel may be best in so many aspects but still it is not the place where you retain your individuality. Home is the only place where you are yourself,well thats partly the reason. the other one being some kind of self study needed .Its not a matter of solace that in our branch out of 76 my dept rank is 66.

stupid common man said...

Well good excuse,but it could be accepted if at least you had not copied the thoughts of Ayan.. :P

Soham Talukdar said...

ya , i would accept your comments gladly had you not copied the thoughts of rishi.

stupid common man said...
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