Tuesday, July 21

Love, Rain and Sunshine

How happy is the blameless vestal's lot!
The world forgetting, by the world forgot.
Each pray'r accepted, and each wish resign'd

The stars shine a little more brightly,The moon is no longer a vestige of the night . The human instincts prevail over the logical half as the raindrops soak into your skin. The slight cough and cold are too insignificant an after-effect then ,as the umbrellas suddenly reduce in numbers and the mirror and the comb suddenly gains a lot of attention. Time transforms itself into an unpredictable constrain dragging itself to unfathomable length in times of solitude and ticking over in a fall of an eyelash in those special moments of life.You are supposed to be in utopia forever.
But honestly speaking, that does not happen.

At least not in this edition of Michel Gondry s surreal take on love. One may have a derisory as to why spent ink and attention on a film whose most of the dvds are off the shelf ( its been 5 years)! But believe me Eternal Sunshine… is such a motion picture which can be loved,critised but simply not ignored…
Well if you think that this scribbling is a mere criticism of a film then you can avoid the rest part as it will leave you dissappointed. And its best to watch the film first , cause only then the writing will fully fit in as a giant zigsaw puzzle.

Kate winslet doesn’t give her best performance ever in this one , Jim Carrey seems to be only the shadow of what he was in Mask or Liar Liar(the comical factor). But even an absolute perfectionist in UNDERACTING would admire their roles in this film. Joel and Clementine are not characters juxtaposed from a fictional novel , they are the ones we meet in real life in the streets of Durgapur ,kolkata, delhi and mumbai.
What happens when 2 persons ,their personal idealogies being poles apart find each other to be special and fall in love only to be driven to the extent of erasing their each other s identity from their memory by a fictious Lacuna inc.??
The answer is they meet again only to fall in love for the second time never knowing that their past were once entwined.(well, they do know at last)
The major portion of the film circles around the memories of Clementine being erased from Joels mind and as gradually as he realizes that Clementine is too special for him to forget and tries in vain to keep an outline of her in his other memories (childhood ones which didn’t revolve around her)
I personally found the following exchange of words to be the best one in the film.Its when Joel realizes that he cant be happy without Clementine but matters have gone too far.

Joel: It would be different if we could just give it another go-around.Clementine: Remember me. Try your best. Maybe we can.
And yes one can truly appreciate the film if it is watched more than once.

ERASING OF A MEMORY by mapping the brain and cutting out the portion of the memory involving the person !
What would be your first instinct if you had to erase one single human bieng from your life….
Someone you hate or someone you have loved and lost??
The world is a strange place. And human mind is stranger than it. For it always tends to prefer the latter choice,but ends up with the former …

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