Friday, September 12


Well this a song that i had composed a few weeks ago.well i know a song without music is a body without soul but i will upload the music ,in a few days.
walking down the streets of another town
i met with faces i have never known.
faces with tears ,with a lovely smile
faces i have come across for a while
faces which gave me tears,
faces which made me cry.
but i havent got the chance you see,
to read the face present inside me......

they say when you have read it, you touch the sky.
you are then a complete, man ready to fly.
faces who gifted love, and then denied.
face of god above, looking satisfied.
faces that a mother cares,
faces that a lover stares.
but i havent got the chance you see,
to read the face present inside me.

to read the face present inside me...

to read the face present inside me.........


Annette Janelle said...

This song is beautiful, I would love to hear the music it is to be set to.
~Annette Janelle

Annette Janelle said...

I like it! I would like to hear a little better sound quality though.

A Twisted Mind said...

Who is Annette? Just tell her that you are in NIT-dgp hostel, for god's sake! And this is the best recording possible.
Soham, I have always loved your voice (remember I had shifted my card-making activities to the room where you were practising, during last years's farewell). so, there isn't anything more I can possibly say to flatter you more about your possession. You'll be getting various cpomments, from various people with various attitudes towards music. I, personally, would have preferred a less repetition of 'read the face inside me'.It was as if, you couldn't get more words for expression, and so you drag the song to the minimum length by use of the chorus. This is entirely my opinion. And I hardly understand music. So better not give my comment a thought. Wish you luck, in your attempt to keep a musician alive within the walls of NIT, Durgapur.
P.S. I loved the song. Beleive me.

ankita said...

gud yaar kyun engineering mein tym waste kar rahe ho...

tiyash said...

hmmm nice..
are u playin the guitar urself??

Sayak said...

Nice song,short in length but when absorbed in it,we may very well find ourselves amidst an ocean of emotions covered with the mist of myriad thoughts in our minds;with various perceptions which,but lead to one soul purpose "to read the face present inside me" the way,what are the chords that you have used for your song?sounds good!

Knotty Knight said...

The lyrics is pretty good, but as 'A twisted mind' said, u repeated the the chorus too many times I guess.. melody is pretty gd too. :) keep going..

La vache est malade said...


Soham Talukdar said...

@ annette: Read what a twisted mind said about the sound quality and yes ,you ll have to visit india to understand the quality of sound provided in an engineering college.

@twisha: thanx twisha i appreciate your criticism.

@tiyash: ya

@sayak: thanx sayak

@rudrapalashda: thanx, ya i know it had become a little long and boring then expected (the last few lines) ill really try to improve on it.

Soham Talukdar said...

@la vache: thanx

monami chakraborty said...

That's was really good.

monami chakraborty said...
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